Walleye & Perch


Lake Erie’s western basin has some of the best walleye waters in the world. Limit catches are frequent from April through mid summer. In 2003 there was a record walleye hatch. With these fish still around there are a lot of trophy size fish from 25-28 inches. Along with the 2003 hatch we had back to back amazing hatches in 2014, and 2015. Most of these fish should be entering the 20-22 inch range. Stack another record hatch in 2018 and we are going to have great fishing for years to come. DownDay offers both trolling and drift fishing trips. We encourage hands on participation with setting trolling lines and drift lines, to provide you with an authentic fishing experience. Have a more lade back experience in mind; sit back, relax and let us do all the work. We will pass the pole when it’s time to reel your catch in.



Lake Erie perch fishing picks up in August and normally last until the ice keeps us from going out. Last year was excellent for perch fishing, with average sizes from 8-12 inches. Michigan also has a 50 fish limit as compared to Ohio’s 30 fish limit. Lake Erie is one of the last lakes in Michigan with the 50 fish limit. Perch trips are generally closer to shore than walleye and the fishing technique is simpler. This makes perch fishing ideal for younger fisherman. DownDay also offers inland lake trips pr panfish and bass. These trips are great for anglers who don’t want to fish on the big waters of Lake Erie.


Due to moving upsizing the boat we no longer offer spring catfish trips. If you are interested in a spring catfish trip feel free to give me a call and I can refer you to some great captains who offer this trip. Late summer trolling trips are still available. Lake Erie’s “hot hole” offers some of the best cat fishing on the western side of the state. Fishing starts in March and usually last through mid June. DownDay is currently the only charter service offering sport fishing trips for catfish on Lake Erie. Cats up to 20 lbs are caught in the hot hole. Catfish are phenomenal fighters and aggressive feeders. This makes them excellent targets for spring fishing when high winds or muddy water shut down the walleye bite. Cat-fishing is more lade back since we rely on the fishes sense of smell for the bite. Along with the catfish we catch monster sheep head. Though a nuisance to walleye fishing they put up a huge fight especially when they exceed 10 lbs.